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Customer Care

We provide a dedicated phone line where a live person is readily available for all of your customer service needs. In our modern, busy world, it is comforting and valuable to have an informed representative to personally resolve your issues. This service eliminates needless time spent waiting for a reply. We at Eastern Food Services, Inc., are proud to provide educated customer service personnel who are available for long hours to answer questions, resolve issues, and share your concerns. This is a personal touch that we offer to enhance your business relationship with our company.


Door-to-door delivery is provided at no cost for any order in the Maryland/Washington DC metropolitan area. Eastern Food Services, Inc., is committed to providing a personal kind of service where an actual employee will deliver your order promptly on the requested date. It is a commitment we make to facilitate and solidify the business relationship that we build with our customers. For most customers, it is a convenience that they cannot do without. The simplicity of having door-to-door delivery from a personal representative of our company is indicative of the high level of service that our customers treasure.

Online Ordering

For our customers in the school system, we offer convenient online ordering. We offer training in the online ordering process for the ordering cafeteria managers. Orders can be placed, viewed, adjusted, and even deleted online. The use of unique user IDs and passwords in our online system guarantee your privacy. Our online system enables us to review your order the second it is submitted. Furthermore, your order can also be revised on our end if you happen to call in with questions or concerns. Online ordering makes it easy for schools to adapt to placing their orders with us. All of the items that are approved for ordering are listed in detail, and only the desired quantity needs to be inserted. Our online system is an optimal way for school systems to place and review their orders on whatever frequency the school requests.

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Eastern Food Services, Inc.
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